Testimonials of People who benefited from my prediction.

Hello Sir,

Long time back may be (6-7 yrs back) you predicted about my job which came true, lightonvedicastrology forum from there i got your email id.

Best Regards,
Dharamvir Kumar
2 August 2022
Hi sujit,

10 years on. You were right. I did get a good job and am doing well financially also.

Marriage was a big one for me.  From 2012 to 2017 - took quite a while to get it sorted.

Sunil (Sunny GT)
1 August 2022.

Hi Sir, 
You predictions came true on Marriage. 
I want to know about my career and health in next 5 years. And any major road blocks that i would be facing?

-Suda-Bala-Venkata-Sailendra/ Quora.com
21 July 2022.

Good afternoon Sir,

Hope you are doing good.

Just a feedback to your annual reading service. 
In general forecast timeline, you mentioned that I will be losing a relative and most likely will be traveling. 

Yesterday, my sister in law (husband's sister) passed away. 

I will be mostly traveling in few days to attend the ceremony. 
I have not been to my native ok n the past 7 years due to my younger child's autism. 

Just a feedback that your reading is accurate. 

Thank you sir.

Amrutha. M.
15 may 2022

Hello Sir, 

My marriage was done in Feb 2021 and was according to your prediction.
I have question on child birth. 

Please tell me if I can post my query and pay consultation for the same. 

7 MAY 2022

Dear Sujit ji 

Just want to confirm that my wife got pregnant as per your prediction, heads up to you.
I am feeling anxious and fear about death from last 10 days, I just started anxiety pills or I have to drink wine to mellow that.
Kindly help, when this fear will be done as I am in moon antra dasha.
Warm regards 
12 Feb 2022
Hi Sujit. I came to know about you from Lova forum.

In 2018, i had lost my job and had posted a query on the forum. I got many replies but yours was precise.

Mohit Katiyar
21 Dec 2021
Your right on prediction from 12 December is here ,I got back injury during gym and finding very hard to sleep!
Sir any remedies for child birth will be much appreciated!
Dec 15,2021
I did end up changing jobs a better pay in march 2020-and a lot of career advancements later as well, as you had predicted.
Priyanka Varma
6 December 21

Oct 24, 2021, 3:26 PM/  Feedback from Venkatesh.
Dear Sujitji,

Just to inform you that I received the offer from Oman today. I am accepting the same and proceeding with other formalities. For your information and advice please

19 oct 2021
Sujit sir,

I wanted to take time and give my feedback regarding the job outcome for which I had posted few weeks ago.

I am really happy to inform you that as per your prediction, 
l did receive job offer from MNC few days back and it's desired job role as well.

Thank you for your time.


26 January  2021.
Respected Sujit Sir

Greetings, Hope you are safe and doing well.

Sir last time in Sept 2018 you had told me that I should get a job in Nov / Dec 2018 when I was without a job for 2 years and you were 100% correct in your prediction. 
I got a job in Nov and joined in Dec 2018. Many thanks Sir. 
Many Many thanks for your guidance. It gives peace of mind. I am very much tensed these days.

Best Regards,
Anil Kumar Mehta

Dated; 18.9.2020
Dear Sujit, 

Indeed today evening I got a call, asking about my availability for a new project. 
So, just as you said, job prospects look good indeed! 

18 September 2020

Su: Yes!  it was the most horrible start of  this 2020 year, since my son got very sick and he was in the hospital in and out from January 8 until the beginning of March. 
I did have a stressful 3 months at home. I was very worry and visiting him in the hospital after work every day.  After that the pandemic happened!
Thank you to comment on my chart. Very spot on.

14 sept 2020
9 September 2020
Update: Sujit Ji, as you predicted I have got a good job offer from a leading firm that is taking me from North India to South India (as you mentioned ‘chance of travel’). 
Does that mean my chances for job abroad is now over? Do you see any negative changes in career in coming years?
Thanks again for your accurate analysis! It kept me motivated.


Hello Sujit, you just answered a question on my request,

You are very true, as I lost my mother this April only.
-Shubham kohli / Quora.com


Harshitha Gowda sent you a message / Quora.com
Harshitha Gowda
Hello sir I got my joining today as u said ..Ur predictions are too good ..ill be joining by next month :)..
I will give review on Ur site thank u ..I have also applied for ms Abroad hope that works well too :)


Just to inform that you predicted regarding my mother's health in Forum is 101% correct. 
She is having health issues since December 2018 and still doctors are not able to resolve it.

Hence I believe in your words.

Pawan Joshi
6 June 2019

Hi Sir, 
You are right about my Father … he is not well from years … depression, brain hemorrhage .. he recovered later but is now too weak.. 
do you suggest any remedy?

-Bindi Dogra/ 9 May 2019 / Quora.com

Hi Sujit jee how are you... As you have predicted I had very tuugh time on job career during march and April. What is storing for me from May onwards.

-Udayan Datta
3 May, 2019

Namaste Sujit ji,

Thanks for your recent astrological predictions regarding me getting a new job.
I want to provide an update regarding my job search. 
I was offered a job that I accepted at the beginning of March, 2019 and joined them the last week of March, 2019.

Thank you once again for taking time to provide me with astrological guidance. Really appreciate your help !

Prasad Palaparty
13 April, 2019
A big THANK YOU to SUJIT JI for correct prediction of my Job & Relocation ..... Its like my dream come true. I relocated on 6 march.

Congratulations Sir for correct prediction, with lots of blessings.

8 March 2019

Thank you for your predictions sir.i can see and realise that they are 100% accurate.

You said that my mother may face some difficulty in near future and just in the beginning of this new year she broke her leg.I am taking good care for her

Can u please tell me when my bad phase ends and when do you see chances of myself getting a job

I am going through a very tough time

Rishabh Chaturvedi

Hello sujit ji, just a head's up I got Job yesterday. Will be joining around 19 December. As you said I did get two chances in November and December. First was as guest faculty in a regional campus of government university which I couldn't get due to lack of post graduation, second was in a construction company. The talks in construction company got delayed almost for a month, but yesterday I got the job. I just want to thank you for the precise prediction.

1 Dec 2018 
Dear Sujit,

Hope you are doing good.
As per your prediction, november brought me chances of foreign travel and I got USA L1 visa (work visa) approved and soon I will be probably travelling to the USA in January.

24 November, 2018

Sir, Last wednesday (14th Nov.) i got a temporary employment contract from L&T technology services for 6 months. 
I have got the intent to offer (and not the formal offer yet).

I am in the process of doing the documentation. 

thanks for your prediction.

I will keep you posted


Visvanathan Narayan
November 19.2018

Yes, it's very useful and motivation to do the remedy also and your prediction is 100% true they way you put the words will bring smile in the face to have some hope. I have given this website address and email to some of my friends who asked me.
Regards, Achitha.
25 October 2018

Dear Sir ,I would like to inform you that after august 2016 my job responsibilities increased and also my remuneration .  
Everything was exactly as you said . If you have time ,would you like to look again in my chart in work sector ?  
I am born on 31.07.2018 in Bucharest Romania -at 01:08  
Thank you  
Mika Mora / Astro.com(member)
Sujit ji - Greetings!!!
Thanks so much for the information. Also, I have got an job offer just today, I need to join from coming Monday, Dec29, 2014.  My apologies to get so late to respond, as I had too many things going on at my end. 
Thanks, Shashi Kiran
____________________________________________________________________________________Dear Mr. Sujit,

As per your prediction, I got the confirmation of the job on October 30th. I was a bit anxious that the appointment letter did not reach me even in November first week. But instead I received the Visa letter and I have been asked to fly down immediately and pick up the appointment letter and immediately join work. I am leaving tonight.

Thank you very much for your correct predictions. I will be in touch with you.
Rajesh kaushik




Dear Sujit ji,

Thank you very much for the advice, suggestions & guidance.

I consulted you regarding annual forecast for 2013 last December.
You annual forecast was almost very accurate.
Prediction regarding job offer and prediction regarding resolving paperwork was 100% accurate. I did get a job offer in the window frame that you had mentioned.

Also, I did receive a positive reply regarding the documentation on December 7, 2013 (You had mentioned this particular date and wow, I did receive positive reply on December 7, 2013). Thanks very much.
You did a fantastic job and thank you for your immense support.
You have being very patient and have helped me much more than what you charge for your service. That shows that you are a great human being! :-)
My sincere thanks to you from bottom of my heart.
I would very strongly recommend my friends/family to seek consultation from you who are looking for astrological help.
God Bless You!

Onkar, Boston
23 December 2013



Respectrd Sujith ji, nice to see ur repky. Your prediction regarding property purchase was spot on and I purchase house of my choice in september last year as u predicted. Many thanks for that. Presently I working with a PSU oil company an an engineer.Recently I have few very hood opportunities in the field.But I would like to leave my current job only if it is favourable from astrological point of view. Kindly advise.

Regards Rajkumar

Hi Sujit,

I am writing this to you with lot of hope. You  have predicted correctly
for my brothers placement last year , I have a faith in your predictions.
Last month was quite disappointing for me.
Dear Sir,
          Hats off to your accurate predictions. As per your prediction, i have got job on 10th Sep 2013 after a gap of nearly six . Your predictions are so accurate. Thanks a lot. I have joined on 18th Sep 2013. I hope , i will do good in this job. Can you tell how some remedies so that i can be successful in this present job.

Amol P Jalalai


hi Sujit

I am extremely pleased to say that your prediction was spot on.

I did receive a job offer and I will start Oct 7th.

Thanks  a lot for helping me out in the most difficult times.


I do have some quesions.

What is the best way to reach you?

Thanks again very much for your help

Joyee Banerjee



Dear Sujit,
I received an offer for 6 month contract job now. I have confirmed it to work. It seems that project start in mid of october. I feel bit relax now. Thank you for your prediction. So, hoping to fix an permanent job or long term job before this contract end.
Best regards,

Hello Sujit ji,

I am dropping this mail to say  that as pointed by you my professional life is improving.Recently got a new project.


I will be highly glad if you could answer my one question too. Is there any chance of love marriage in my kundali, if yes then there is one guy i should confess too , it will solve my and my parents problems too. 

Sakshi Goel



Hello Sujit ji,

Hope you are doing well. I would like to provide an update on your reading as requested by you.

I posted in LightonVedicAstrology around 6 months ago and enquired about my work contract and marriage with the girl I wanted to.

My details were:

10-Feb-1982, 08:02 AM, Dehradun

You predicted good news on both fronts as time is good till July.

My work contract which was expiring in June got extended till year end, so I m very happy.

On personal front, my girlfriend's parents didnt agreed to our match and fixed her marriage against her wishes. The marriage is after one week and we both are in very bad shape( mentally and physically) for last 3 months.

I would like to Thank You for your time and efforts in analyzing my chart.


Pankaj Saini



Hai Sujit,


I hope you remember me. I am Murali Krishna from Muscat. I have consulted with you before. As you told I got my Driving License this month. I hope you prediction regarding new job also will become success. I will give you feedback of that also.

Murali Marar



Dear Sujit ji,
Namasar. You gave me one prediction last year regarding my job; God bless you, it was bull's eye.
Best regards,
R Arora
Dear Mr. Sujit
Just an update on the events happened during past 3 months.
As you have advised correctly, Oct 12 - Jan 13 period was highly tensed and stressful
Manoj Rathi
Hi Sir,
Got an offer today from a MNC . Joining date being 11th Dec.
Thank you for your wishes and also your predictions have come bang-on to be true.
V Kamath

Hello Sujit ji,

I would like to provide a feedback on your predictions given for me some time back.

You mentioned " Improvement in profession from Oct onwards" : I received a job offer last week
and will join work on 29th Oct after a gap of nearly 5 months. It is a contract job of 8
months in a reputed govt organisation.

I thank you for your accurate prediction and would appreciate if you could spare some more
time for me again.

I will be highly grateful for your time and efforts.

Kind Regards and Many Thanks,
Pankaj Saini

Dear Mr. Sujit,
I seek your valuable guidance once more and will be depositing the cheque in your bank account today.
You were right on the bang in your earlier advice that last 3 months of 2012 will be stressful for me. October started for me on similar note.
Kind Regards,
Manoj Kumar Rathi
5th October, 2012
Dear Sujit ji,
First of all HATS OFF to you. Every word of your prediction has been delivered.
You may not be knowing me, plz take a look over trailing mail.
As you said, obstructions will start clearing from June and I'll land in job in July.
Exactly as I got a very good job (Project engineer) offer in last week of June and joined in first week of July.

I am now looking forward to further consultation. stated below are obstacle I'm experiencing.
Thank you,
Vijay Suthar
Project Engineer - MPF
I just wanted to thank you. You predicted regarding my job sometime in
Jan/Feb and it turned out to be perfect. U told job will be thr by Apr or
May. I got the offer in April last week and joined on 30th April.

Thank you so much again.

I was also wondering if you can look at my kundli in detail. Kindly let me
know your consultation fees. It will be really helpful if you can.

14 August 2012
Dear Sujit,
The first half of your prediction wasd right on the money.  I am going through horrible time.  I wish nobody else would go through such times. I am just hopeing that things get better looking forward.
1 august 2012


Hello Mr. Sujit,


You are right. Prediction was correct, lot of improvement taken place after May. I got a son too in Jan 2011.


Any predictions for me for 2012 – 2013, please let me know. Thank you in advance.



8th August 2012
Hi Sujit,

your prediction regarding improvement in her career prospects was spot on!
Being an MBA from a reputed Mumbai college, she was earlier getting paid less than 10K, which was too bad. She was therefore demotivated even wrt marriage.
Exactly as per your comments, her career prospects improved in June!!!!!!
She found a job in June 2nd week and has joined the same during last week of June :) her salary has now almost tripled and she is happy about it. :))) so are we, being her close relatives and are hoping that atleast now she will find a suitable match. Thank you very much and congratulations for such a spot on prediction!!!
In your earlier prediction, you have mentioned that good period for her is from 6.6.2012 upto 25.10.2012 only. We have already begun our efforts in finding a mate for her. But you forsee a breach in marriage? is there any remedy for this? any chants/mantras/pujas? Also if we are not able to find her a groom within that period, when is the next suitable period?
AFA I understand, now is 7th Guru period for Vrishchik rasi, and 7th guru is said to bring about marrige. It will last till April/May next year right?
I totally agree with you when it comes to her nature - she IS stubborn. She is very fair and refuses to even meet people with wheatish or slightly savla complexion. She expects her husband to be tall 5'8 and above etc , well settled and within Mumbai.She herself is 5'4'' and according to us, she shouldnt be adamant on such appearance related issues.

Good evening Sir,

You were absolutely right and on Saturday I'd lost my job (I'd submitted resignation and Management has immediately accepted it).


Now what should I do...Should I opt for my own practice or search for some other job..........I'm also planning for coaching center....


Please guide me sir...


Warm Regards,
CA. Manoj Sharma



 Dear Sujit ji, this is feedback time. thanks a lot for the prediction u have made. If everything goes well i am going to purchase a house in august. thanks again for the pin point prediction. Please tell me i would be able to overcome the financial burden very soon.
thanks and regards,

raj kumar pathak

 Dear Sujit ji,
For an update, as predicted by you, I was able to bag a part-time contract work in March end and had been working on the same for the past 3 months. However, the contract ended on 30 June. Nothing permanent in sight at present. Any advice?

Best Wishes,

Ashwani Kapoor
7 July 2012
Hello Sujit,
I wanted to thank you, your predictions were very very accurate. I would rather say that it was more exact. Your knowledge is commendable.
Anil Bhagchandani ( 18.6.2012)


Dear Sujit,

You have good knowledge in astrology.

You are absolutely right in your prediction.I got a BPO job suddenly. On 11.06.2012 at noon I got a call from a consultancy the very next day 12.06.2012 my interview was scheduled,

I attended and got selected.From last Wednesday 13.06.2012 I joined. I have joined in an inbound call centre as a technical support adviser in a reputed MNC in last week.


-Sumitav Tripathy

Bangalore ( 17.6.2012)

Hi Sujit,

My husband got the Job on 25th March .. i think your prediction was probably right ..
i would like to ask a question for my self .,, please let me know then i will do the transfer

Thanks and Regards,
-Aparna Gairola
Hi Sujit,
I would like to inform you that I got the job in March as you predicted. Thank you so much for your prediction and I got more confidence in something to ask.
Lalitha (USA)


Hello Mr. Sujit,

Thank you Mr. Sujit for the below answer. As told by you my husband finally got this job and he got the joining date for feb. Due to work visa getting late he joined on 22nd March.

Appreciate a lot your below timely reply at that stressful time.But I am feeling bad that I am replying so late and I am really sorry for this.

Once again, thanks a lot and may god bless you.

Mamta Pareek
29.4.2012 (India)



Dear Sujit Ji,

I have a good news to share with you. You correctly predicted and I got my visa back. Very few students got it back like 15% and I am one of them. Please tell me some remedy to get a job. I do not want to quit and return to India after so much of struggle.

I hope you too are doing great in your life. May God bless you always.

Warm Regards

 USA ( 28.4.2012)


Hi Sujit,

Just want to inform you that I got married recently with V..k whose chart I sent you 

earlier for the analysis. Thanks for all your helps.

Also, your prediction about his carrier became true, he is got promoted to lead position.

I have told him to perform remedies for rahu and ketu. we are doing Aum namah shivay chanting


Thanks again for your analysis and predictions.


-Anuradha .....

20.4.2012 ( India)



hi...sujith sir...

as u predicted a govt.job has landed in march last week...for me,  though

not the exact posting,,, its the LDC !


will u please analyse the possible marriage time also please and if i have

an arranged marriage or not ....ur prediction turns to be quite exact...


thanks for ur kind analysis


Indhu R S Pillai ( Kollam, Kerala)



It has been a long time since we comunicated with each other., Hope you are in the best of health spirit.,
Your predictions were absolutely right, and I have joined an MNC in Vadodara and was on overseas tour for a few months for training purpose.,
Can I request you to let me know how would I fare in the last phase  of sade sati.
Awaiting your positive reply.,

Thanks & Regards.,
Parag Baxi  ( Ahmedabad)




Dear Sujit ji,
Finally, I landed a job with my last employer with some negotiation on career perspective after a great struggle in personal and career life. As you advised, I have accepted that offer and will start my duty starting next Friday. I owe to you for the prediction and advice.
Hopefully I will have a good career until this year end.
Nss ( madras)


Dear Sujit,
Thank you very much for your email.
I have finally been offered a position in a Bank and I will be joining from 19th of March. So once again thank you very much for your prediction which has supported, energized and have given me a chance to live a life again.
Also do you see any chances of myself travelling/moving abroad for a new job?
Thank you.
Mustafa Ali
18.3.2012 (Pakistan)

Respected Sujitji,
I trusted in your predictions and got your blessings...my happiness is because of you only :) God bless you.
I have no words to thank you for your quick, accurate and confident predictions which gave me the confidence to talk to my husband. I hope everything will happen smoothly, and I will get a job also after going there. I will keep you informed before I will go back...and will definitely take care of the risk periods.
Wish you a very Happy Holi !
Hello Sujit,
I was just about to write to you on the forum that I noticed this email.
I have been very busy since last month, but the great news I got a job just last week!!
Thankyou so much Sir, I used to believe in astrology and now the faith has just increased!
I was trying for job since months but as you had predicted the actual offers started in January and I got the job confirmation in last week. Its exactly as you had predicted- that I would get job in Jan-Feb 2012.
Really it is such a pleasure to give this news as I was trying really hard for it and needed it also.
I respect you and your knowledge a lot. Will stay in touch with you in future as well through your web-site.
Thanks again!
Anjali Upadhyay


 Dear Sujit,

Your predictions about my future are absolutely right. As you said,
the stress in my job is less from 10th Feb onwards




Hi Sujit,

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that you were absolutely right about the stress period you said, i would face from November- February. I did get a job in October but i have recently quit in January. I was working in film making. Can you please tell me why I am just not getting the right job? Am i searching in fields which are astrologically not meant for me?

Thanks and regards,




Ravinder Darar posted on Facebook.


Dear sujitji, once I asked about my husband New job in Vedic group and your predictions came true. He got new job and he is moving to different location. Thank u very much for your predictions."


-Ravinder Darar, Australia



Hello Sujit,

Thank you very much for predicting me that I will buy a house in this time frame. I bought a flat for my mother . The registration will be in the 1st week of March. But I have to take a loan . Please tell me that can I manage to complete the task without problem or not.
Thanks once again. I will inform you after registration.



Sujit garu,
As I mentioned to you I received my 2nd stage of GC approval in August 2011.(It was such a relief for us)
Exactly as you said  in 2nd half of the year.
I still have to get my 3rd stage of approval in order for us to get complete green card in hand. Will I get this in near future??



 Dear Mr. Sujit,


Hope you are doing well. If you remember, I had contacted you about 1.5 years ago regarding readings for my son.  I would like to inform you that your readings were pretty accurate, going forward.


I have one more request for reading this time – if you are available then please let me know. This is regarding my daughter, Kanika Bhansali. 

Awaiting your reply,


Thank you


Anand Bhansali

Manager – CO & IT

USA / 31.1.2012



 Dear Sujit ji,

I wanted to give you feedback. You were accurate with regards to my profession as I landed in a opportunity in the Month of september. The only issue is that it was a two month consulting assignment and ended in November. Thereafter, I have been seeking opportunities but nothing has worked so far.


Also I have got a couple of opportunities for business in the period mentioned by you but nothing has materialized.

In terms of health, I have a permanent back problem. Overall i keep reasonable health.

I request you to kindly look into my chart as to when can I again expect to get an opportunity.

Feedback for Akshay.


You were again bang on target as Akshay got an opportunity to travel abroad in the Month of October 2011 i.e the period specified by you. He is again scheduled to go abroad for work in feb 1st week.

He is seeking a suitable opportunity (change of Job) for a long time now. When can he expect to get a suitable opportunity and how would be his time in the near future.

Thanks & Regards,

Ravi Verma ( Bombay)



You are right, even though I'm currently working I received a job offer that would have begun next month, but I declined it because doesn't deserve such a good job.
Thank you for your analysis it is accurate.
username - Gammaray99
20.1.2012 ( USA)
Dear Sujit ji,
Seasons Greetings for a prosperous New Year. 
Hope by now you must have made yourself comfortable in the middle east and become conversant with the most common phrase in this part of the world....."Inshaallah".
Let me confess,I haven't come across another astrologer who can predict with near 100% accuracy. Above all I rarely find astrologers who are genuinely helpful and considerate. You are one such person.I wish you a great future ahead. 
This is what you had predicted in your earlier mails:
1) "Some developments related to pr